Construction Management


Construction Management (CM) is a professional service delivery method that applies management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, and quality. Metabolinc’s approach to CM is one of transparency, communication, and accountability. We provide CM solutions throughout North America.

Benefits to the owner of the CM approach include builder input early in the design process resulting in cost and schedule savings while maintaining the highest level of quality and owner involvement in Consultant and General Contractor prequalification and selection.


Overseeing the consultants and construction contractor to check that everything is being done correctly to meet the intended design as well as applicable code requirements takes time. More importantly, it requires an intimate understanding of the approved design – and a solid grasp of the construction process.

Metabolinc can act as the conduit between you (the owner) and the construction contractor – serving as the owner’s representative. Our role is to provide oversight and quality control, to ensure the contractor has built to the design intent as specified. So essentially, we’re your eyes and ears: here to see to it that nothing has been missed and no corners have been cut.


The scope of CM services should be tailored to your specific needs and goals. The Construction Management fee can be negotiated as a flat fee or percentage of contract and can vary depending on the scope and project requirements. The Construction Management Team at Metabolinc offers services including, but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Construction Services
  • Contract Administration, Project Management, Billing, & Transparent Reporting
  • Schedule/Logistics/Sequencing Plan Implementation
  • Coordination with Community/Neighbors/Tenants/Employees/etc.
  • On-Site Supervision
  • LEED Compliance/Validation/Submittal/Audit Coordination
  • Online Document Management
  • Design-to-Field Coordination
  • General Contractor & Consultant Management
  • Progress Meetings
  • Bulletin Preparation, Change Order, and RFI Management
  • Preparation & Submittal of Close-Out Documentation and Owner’s Manuals
  • Scheduling of Owner Training & Maintenance Plan Development
  • Management & Scheduling of Owner-Contracted Suppliers (Furniture/IT/Artwork/Etc.)
  • Punch-List Completion & Final Inspection Reports

For additional information about our Construction Management services or a customized proposal, please contact us.