Construction Management

Overseeing the construction contractor to check that everything is being done correctly to meet the intended design as well as applicable code requirements takes time. More importantly, it requires an intimate understanding of the approved design – and a solid grasp of the construction process.


Metabolinc can act as the conduit between you (the owner) and the construction contractor – serving as the owner’s representative. Our role is to provide oversight and quality control, to ensure the contractor has built to the design intent as specified. So essentially, we’re your eyes and ears: here to see to it that nothing has been missed and no corners have been cut.

Corporate Structure, Governance & Management

Successful businesses depend on successful relationships. Both within your enterprise and among your industry peers, clients, service providers and others, good relationships need to be fostered and nurtured.

We can help you assess your current relationships and determine strengths and weaknesses. We can help you leverage existing relationships and seek out new ones to build value for your stakeholders.

Metabolinc understands that the strength of your ideas rests on the quality and scope of your relationships and their ability to help drive your vision.